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Large segments of India’s urban slum and rural tribal populations do not have access to safe and reliable healthcare. Americares India Foundation brings medical assistance to these under-resourced populations through ongoing mobile medical camps.

Mobile vans are optimal delivery tools as they can reach all corners of a slum community and can travel the vast distances to support tribal villages. By bringing healthcare to their doorstep, Americares India Foundation ensures that the greatest number of patients are served without hindering daily livelihood. The medical teams onboard these vans treat primary health conditions and dispense free medicines to care for both acute and chronic disease. When additional assistance is needed, patients are given referrals to the appropriate government, private or public facilities that provide free or subsidized services, and provisions are made for proper follow up and case management.

Patients, based on their lifestyle, history and current complaints, are screened for parasitic infections, chronic diseases and asymptomatic conditions like hypertension/diabetes/cancers. Regular de-worming medicines are provided to patients with parasitic infections to prevent anemia, and nutritional supplements are given to those that demonstrate severe malnourishment.


  • Andheri Slums Mobile Medical Project