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Saving Residents From Flu in Mumbai

  • September 01, 2009
  • Americares India, Maharashtra, Emergency Medical Response, Epidemic

In Mumbai, AmeriCares India doctors and medical personnel are taking a stand against influenza, hosting vaccination camps throughout the region. The goal: to keep India’s most vulnerable populations safe from the harmful effects of the flu virus.

So far, the program has vaccinated more than 250 people against the deadly virus, which poses a special threat to young children and the elderly.

“The response we’ve received from local residents is encouraging,” said Dr. Jabeen Basade, an AmeriCares India relief worker who ran the clinic. “It’s so important that people not underestimate the effects that flu can have on their overall health.”

Along with our partner, the Dignity Foundation, AmeriCares India has been administering the vaccine to those residents who need it most and plans to conduct more camps in the near future.

Vaccinations camps, such as those recently held, offer a crucial opportunity for communities to prevent the spread of influenza and the potential for future sickness. Even health agencies such as the World Health Organization have cited the cost-efficiency of the vaccine, which can prevent millions of people each year from contracting the illness and suffering from the health consequences that can appear as a result.