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Avalanche response in Bandipora, Kashmir

  • June 15, 2012
  • Americares India, Jammu & Kashmir, Epidemic

In late June 2012, the state of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh were affected by Acute Encephalitis Syndrome(AES).  The symptomatic forms of disease leave neurological sequele or cause death in the severest cases. Japanese Encephalitis, one of the main diseases causing AES, is a viral infection  spread mainly through Culex  mosquito bites.  Children between  the

On 23rd February 2012,  two massive avalanches hit  Ganderbal and Bandipora districts of Kashmir Valley killing  sixteen army personnel and many injured.

Within 48 hours  an emergency team of two doctors – Dr. Purvish Parikh and Dr. Seema Peterson and an emergency expert Neeraj Prasad from AmeriCares India reached  Bandipora district  with medical emergency relief items. 

AmeriCares India with the help of the local partner (14 RR BN HQ Indian Army),  was able to reach out to the most needy community of Bandipora district. While the major focus of the response was medical camps ; hearing aids, tricycle – wheel chair and clothes were also distributed. In addition, a half-day preparedness workshop was conducted on First Aid with special focus on CPR and cold injuries

1719 individuals  were supported with free medical consultation and treatment.  The major findings in the medical camps were cold injuries like frost-bites, chilblains, trench feet, etc. Other complaints included skin infections and body ache. Malnourished children were a common sight in the medical camps and the average number of children per couple was four.


Over  two days Audiometry  camps were also conducted wherein 294 individuals were screened, 58 individuals were diagnosed with  sensorineural deafness and were donated hearing aids. The poorest villagers were identified and 400 villagers were donated clothes.  In consultation  with the local sarpanch and the president of the Handicapped association, ten beneficiaries received tricycles and another ten wheelchairs.  

Through the medical camps and emergency  preparedness training, and distributions AmeriCares India reached out to a total of 5 villages covering around 2443 individuals .