Cyclone Nargis swept across Myanmar in May of 2008, creating a huge tidal wave that killed an estimated 138,000 people and devastated the Irrawaddy Delta region. AmeriCares was one of the first nonprofit organizations to deliver aid directly into Myanmar, airlifting more than 15 tons of critically needed medicines and medical supplies to survivors of the cyclone. Within 48 hours of the airlift’s arrival, the medicines and supplies were in the hands of mobile medical teams that saw as many as 100 survivors per day.

AmeriCares relief shipments also support the creation of a network of primary care clinics that will serve large populations of displaced persons living in temporary shelters. In collaboration with our partner on the ground, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), AmeriCares is supplying 10 clinics with basic medical equipment and instruments as ell as essential medicines. The shipment also contains malaria medications that will support another partner in Myanmar, the MENTOR Initiative, which is coordinating a campaign to aid in the treatment of this serious disease.

AmeriCares has launched the next phase of support with shipments of medicines and medical supplies valued at more than $1.2 million. Coordinated by and shipped from AmeriCares India in Mumbai, the aid will help stop the spread of disease, treat illness, address primary care needs and continue to help restore health to the country.

This phase complements other recent initiatives, resulting in the delivery of medicines, medical supplies and nutritional supplements to:

  • Treat cholera and other deadly diseases caused by the destruction of sanitary systems;
  • Treat anemia in more than 100 orphanages;
  • Provide basic care for rural health clinics; and
  • Support large scale disease control for Malaria and Dengue Fever.

AmeriCares India is well positioned to continue to help rebuild and enhance Myanmar’s health system.

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