What We Do

Deliver Medical Commodity Assistance

Supplement charity hospital access to critical care medicines and supplies

The World Health Organization estimates that over two billion people around the world have inadequate access to medicine. Of those, more than a third (700 million people) lives in India.  With its large population, endemic poverty, and struggling health care system, India is home to a disproportionate share of the global disease burden and suffers from a chronic shortage of resources in hospitals, clinics and community health organizations serving the poor.

Resource-constrained health care institutions serving poor communities often lack sufficient medicines and supplies to diagnose conditions and provide life-saving and life-changing treatment. These shortages originate from economic limitations as well as disruptions in supply chains, logistics challenges and political and administrative obstacles. To provide quality care for indigent patients, health care institutions and health care professionals have an ongoing need for medicines and other medical assistance.

Without medicines, health care institutions lack what the UN Millennium Project calls “the most significant tool that society possesses to prevent, alleviate and cure disease."

On a daily basis, AmeriCares India Foundation provides ongoing support for the work of health care professionals through our Medical Assistance Program. To equip doctors and nurses with the tools they need to deliver quality care, AmeriCares India Foundation delivers free medicines and supplies to hospitals, clinics and public health programs pan-India.

We have worked with 55 affiliate partners in 20 Indian states, including the following charity hospitals:

Current In-Country Hospital Partners

Expand Community Medical Programs Supply of Primary Care Medicines

In addition to supplementing charity hospital access to critical care medicines and supplies, AmeriCares India Foundation concurrently supports community medical programs with donations of primary care medicines and supplies.  These organizations – which include both governmental and non-governmental entities – offer medical services to all segments of Indian society.  By delivering medical resources to these esteemed organizations operating primary health centers, community health campaigns, and mobile medical teams pan-India, AmeriCares India Foundation is able to reach more people in need. 

Currently, we are actively working with the following affiliate partners in community health: