What We Do

Respond to Emergency Medical Needs

When natural disasters and manmade crises strike, local transportation systems collapse and supply chains are disrupted, AmeriCares India Foundation is there to help. Our experienced staff members are experts in navigating the challenging logistics of delivering aid to the epicenter of a calamity. Our promise is simple: when people are in crisis, they will get the help they need — whenever they need it, and wherever they are.

India has been traditionally vulnerable to natural disasters on account of its unique geo-climatic conditions. Floods, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes and landslides have been a recurrent phenomenon. About 60% of the landmass is prone to earthquakes of various intensities; over 40 million hectares is prone to floods; about 8% of the total area is prone to cyclones and 68% of the area is susceptible to drought. In the decade 1990-2000, an average of approximately 4,344 people lost their lives and about 30 million people were affected by disasters every year.

Over the years, AmeriCares India has provided immediate medical relief to thousands of victims affected by natural disasters across India: