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Gift-in-Kind Donors

Children receive vaccinations
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Children receive vaccinations.

When corporations, manufacturers and wholesalers partner with AmeriCares, they join a dynamic group of like-minded companies with a shared vision to help those less fortunate. Your product donations will aid indigenous health care systems throughout the world by supporting the on-going needs of at-risk populations and enriching the lives of the communities they serve.

AmeriCares accepts donations for disaster relief and its long-term health care programs. Donated items range from medicine and medical supplies to water, blankets and work boots. AmeriCares decision to accept a donation is based on several factors including, but not limited to: need for product, type of product, expiration date and appropriateness.

Medicines and Medical Supplies

Our partner in India distributes AmeriCares aid
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Our partner in India distributes AmeriCares aid.

AmeriCares accepts donations of medicines and medical supplies. The minimal dating requirement for donations is 6 months upon receipt for all products upon arrival at the AmeriCares warehouse. However, we can consider accepting a product with a shorter shelf-life on a case to case basis for special products/ disasters.

All donated product must meet Indian Health Ministry standards, have been handled in accordance with PDMA standards and be labeled with brand and/or generic name, lot number and expiration date. AmeriCares handles and distributes the following type of products:

  • Prescription medicines
  • Over-the-counter medicines
  • Schedule II - V controlled substances
  • Diagnostic products and equipment
  • MedSurg products
  • Food and nutritional supplements
  • Personal hygiene items

Any restrictions on where to place donations should be made upon offering.

It is important that all donations be accepted by AmeriCares prior to physical transfer to our facilities. We will provide a format for such product donations offers. Please contact us. We will get back to you on a priority basis after assessing their requirements from partners.

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